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Cobblestone Paris Rentals is a small, customer oriented, Vacation Rental Company.

It all began in 2004 when Ryan and Jennifer took a vacation to Paris and chose to rent a furnished apartment instead of staying in a hotel. They chose an apartment in the 4th Arrondissement on the charming Rue de Petit Musc, in the amazing Marais quarter of Central Paris. The apartment was in a 350 year old house built for a local 17th Century Parisian nobleman. They stayed on the 4th floor, with no elevator of course, in what was probably the servant quarters. Ryan and Jennifer may have been living like servants, but felt like royalty.

They walked the streets of this wonderful city for a week and explored every quiet park, magnificent building, and cobblestone street. Upon returning home to Los Angeles, California, the magic of their Paris memories stayed with them. They dreamed of one day buying an apartment in Paris and moving there permanently. It was only a dream, something for retirement perhaps, but it never left them.

One day in 2006, while he was on a business trip to Paris, Jennifer sent Ryan a listing of a studio apartment that she had seen for sale on the internet. To kill some time Ryan made the visit. Without a second thought, he made an offer to purchase the apartment that very day. It was an impulse purchase, totally unplanned, and completely influenced by emotion but Ryan and Jennifer never regretted their decision.

Studio La Fontaine became the name of the studio apartment that Ryan purchased that day. It was located on an adorable cobblestone square with a small Parisian fountain in the center. From their home in Los Angeles, they began to advertise and rent the apartment to tourists from around the world. Little Studio La Fontaine still makes many Parisian dreams come true. Ryan and Jennifer used their love of Paris and their understanding of North American customer service to create magical Parisian holidays and to help guests experience Paris as locals.

One at a time, new apartments were added, and Cobblestone Paris Rentals was born.

Less than two years from their first trip to Paris, Cobblestone Paris became a full time job and their dream became a reality, and Ryan and Jennifer moved to Paris.

Cobblestone hopes to help you have a wonderful holiday by providing you with a lovely apartment, great service, and Parisian memories that will last a lifetime.

Bon Voyage and See You in Paris Soon!

Merci, Ryan & Jennifer


Ryan & Jennifer of Cobblestones Paris



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Written by travel guru “ADVENTUROUS KATE”
This wasn’t just a Paris apartment rental — this was a THIS-IS-THE-MOST-PARISIAN-APARTMENT-EVER

Brimming with charm, it also had the convenience factor tough to find in actual Paris apartments. Washer and dryer? Yes. Flatscreen TV? That’s so nice. Electric kettle? I can’t go without one! All the cooking supplies you could want. And wifi, of course.

Best of all, it was filled with special little touches — a bottle of red wine, a bar of dark chocolate, a selection of Paris guidebooks and a DVD basket filled with movies that take place in Paris. I love being delighted in my accommodation, and I was delighted over and over.

I was ready to move in that day. Seriously.

If you’re looking for a truly special place to stay on your trip to Paris, Cobblestone Paris is it. I cannot wait to stay in one of their properties again.




Written by Travel Blogger: “Leah Davis from The Sweetest Way”

Paris was full of surprises for me. The friendliness of the people, the happy summer vibes and positive energy filling the streets, the way it tugged at my heartstrings like certain other cities very near and dear to me.

The narrow alleyways, the endearing neighborhoods, the quaint restaurants and shops, each one seemingly better than the last.

During the first four days of our stay, we explored by foot, by metro, and by bicycle (which I’ll get to in my next post!). We saw much of the city including many of the “must-sees,” so, by the time we came back for one final night, we were perfectly content to stick to one neighborhood and relax, living a bit more like a real Parisian might.

Written by:  “Joanna and Jeremiah from the Moment Keepers”

Paris the city of lights is undoubtedly one of the world’s top destinations with so many highlights, from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre that most of the time travelers tend to explore the city in a fast pace. So when we decided to spend our wedding anniversary in this city, I only have one request with the husband – to keep everything slow and relax. I even told him that I wanted to see how the Parisians live. The idea of staying in an apartment sounds a perfect way to somehow experience being a local.

When we found Cobblestone Paris Rentals website, we fell in love with their charming properties. While renting an entire apartment instead of a small hotel room sound extravagant, the reality is that short-term apartment rentals are often less expensive than a decent hotel. Let us take you to the days we live like a local at Le Passage Du Marais.


Written by:  “Amy Donoghue”

Paris is one of the world’s most iconic destinations, inspiring travel fantasies and capturing hearts and imaginations all over the world. ‘The wrought-iron spire of the Eiffel Tower piercing the clouds, the broad Arc de Triomphe guarding Paris’ most glamorous avenue’; it’s travel porn at it’s finest.

Some people fantasize about sharing a kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower, others about stylish shopping, and lamplit bridges spanning the Seine. But my fantasies have always been about immersing myself into everyday life. To wake up in a Parisian apartment, and skip downstairs to the market to eat my bodyweight in French pastry.

I’ve always dreamed I would spend the day exploring, and then drag myself back to my neighborhood, smiling at other locals in passing. ‘Because tourists don’t stay here darling‘.

I care about the iconic attractions, of course, but with so many highlights it can be a challenge to experience the city like a local would. And with 20 million odd travelers who visit the city every year, I wanted a more authentic experience than your average tourist would.
Short of moving to France (tempting), Cobblestone Paris offers that authentic experience even if you’re just visiting for a weekend; they rent impeccably furnished and conveniently located apartments which allow travelers to experience Paris the way a Parisian would.