BOOKING: How Do I Confirm My Reservation?

Booking with our agency is performed electronically and confirmed within minutes. You will save time and avoid the faxing, signing, and mailing many other agencies require.

The Process is very simple and designed to be 100% automated.

+ Read and agree to our terms and conditions ONLINE.

+ Most Owners Will Make You Print, Sign, and MAIL a CONTRACT, We Do It By Email !

+ Most Agencies Will Make You Send A Bank Transfer or a PERSONAL CHECK TO SOMEONE YOU DO NOT KNOW. ( Not A Good Idea !! )


+ Cobblestone Only Accepts Payments with PAYPAL or By Credit Card and WE NEVER SEE YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION.

You can BOOK NOW on our website, IT IS DONE IN THREE MINUTES. A Confirmation Document and Arrival Instructions Will Be Emailed Automatically.

Please do not delay, competition is intense and we do not want you to start your search for an apartment again.

STEPS TO BOOK: I Wish To Confirm, What Is The Process?


PAYMENTS: How Are Payments Made?


+ When Booking, The Website Will Ask You to Pay 30% of Rent with Paypal or your Credit/Debit Card.


+ 30 Days Prior To Arrival, The Remaining 70% of Rent can be paid by Paypal or your Credit/Debit Card.

+ Please CLICK HERE to Make Your 2nd Rent Payment. This Link Cannot Be Used To Confirm A New Booking.


+ If Your Arrival Occurs Within 30 Days of Booking, Please Pay 100% of Rent During The Online Booking.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: What is a "Damage Waiver" ?

Cobblestone does not require payment of a Security Deposit, this is for your convenience and security. Most agencies will require you to give a large cash deposit during check in or to wire money to them before arrival. Often, they will be very slow to refund these payments and may charge fees for doing so.

During Online Booking, you will pay a small DAMAGE WAIVER FEE. This non-refundable payment will protect you against small accidental damages to the apartment. This has a maximum protection of 1000 Eur and covers unintentional damages only.

NOTE: Damage Waiver will not protect you against POLICY VIOLATIONS such as: Smoking, Noise, Lost Keys, Additional Cleaning, Unauthorized Late Checkout, Keys Left in the Back of Door, etc.

Please ensure to read your contract in full in order to avoid any extra fees during your stay.

HOURS: What are the Check-In/Check Out Times?

Check-in time is after 14:00 (2:00 pm)

Check-out time is before 10:00 (10:00 am)

CANCELLATION: What Happens To My Deposit If I Must Cancel My Reservation?

If you purchased cancellation insurance with Cobblestone, you may cancel and receive a full refund up to 1 day prior to arrival, if your cancellation meets the requirements explained below in CANCELLATION INSURANCE.

* Cancellation insurance with Cobblestone can only be purchased within 24 Hours of booking.

* Cancellation insurance is not available for bookings less than 30 days away.

If you have not purchased cancellation insurance with Cobblestone, and you must cancel:

REBOOKING CREDIT: If you book again for an arrival within 1 year of your original arrival date, you will be given a credit for the amount of the cancellation penalty.

PARTIAL CANCELLATION: What Happens if I Must Cancel a PART of My Reservation?

To protect the owners of Cobblestone apartments from lost rental nights, a partial cancellation will be treated the same as a full cancellation.

If you must reduce the length of your stay, the applicable penalty will be due.

See the Cancellation Penalties Above

CHANGING DATES: What is the Process to Change the Dates of My Confirmed Booking?

You may change your dates without a fee under certain conditions. To avoid a fee, your date change must meet the following criteria: Subsequent date change requests will be charged a 150 Euro Fee.

Any deposit paid for the first booking will be held and applied to the new booking dates.

Please verify that your future date is available prior to making a date request change.

CHANGING APARTMENTS: What is the Process to Change the Apartment that I Have Already Booked?

We are pleased to offer many wonderful apartments, and after booking, you may decide that you would like to change to another Cobblestone apartment. Depending on when the change request is made, it is possible that a change fee will apply.

CANCELLATION INSURANCE: Does Cobblestone Paris offer Cancellation Insurance?

Cobblestone is pleased to offer reservation insurance to protect you in the case that you need to cancel your reservation. The fee is based on the length of your visit and must be purchased within 24 hours of your booking.

Please CLICK HERE to add Cancellation Insurance To Your Booking.

This protection will allow you to cancel your reservation at any time and receive a full refund of your deposit payment.

CONDITIONS: To be protected, please provide Cobblestone with written proof that the cancellation was caused by one of the following reasons. MEDICAL CAUSE: You must be able to demonstrate evidence of a serious malady or evidence that a hospital visit was required, for a registered guest or the immediate family member of a guest. UNEMPLOYMENT CAUSE: To be protected in case of unemployment evidence must be presented that the position was held for a minimum of 2 years by a registered guest and that the guest has applied and been accepted into a government unemployment plan after the reservation was made.

LIMITATIONS: This protection is not available for Last Minute Deals (Bookings within 30 days of arrival date).

PETS: Can I Bring My Pet to Paris With Me?

Sorry, there are NO PETS allowed in any Cobblestone apartment. Evidence or Suspicion of Pets will result in a minimum charge of 200 Euros.

SMOKING: Can I Smoke in Any Cobblestone Apartment?

There is absolutely NO SMOKING inside the apartment or in any common areas within the building. Smoking must be done outside of the building. Smoking will result in a charge of 200 Euros. Smoking out the windows, on balconies, or terraces is NOT PERMITTED, and this will be considered a violation. Please think of the next renter and refrain from smoking.

SHUTTLES: Can Cobblestone Provide Airport Shuttle Transportation?

The most comfortable mode of transportation from the airport is a SHARED or PRIVATE VAN.

It is our advice that you reserve a shuttle to arrive at your apartment in the easiest manner possible.

You can also take a train or a taxi, but after a long flight, dragging heavy bags through train stations can be a difficult and frustrating experience. This train is also highly susceptible to theft against tired and unsuspecting travelers.

Strikes and transport walk-outs have become increasingly common and unpredictable. If you arrive or depart on the day of a strike, you will be forced to take a taxi through heavy traffic. This will be very expensive and if you are departing, you might miss your flight. A shuttle is the best way to avoid this possibility and travel in comfort.

The price of taxis can vary widely because of unpredictable car traffic and serious highway congestion. From Charles De Gaulle Airport, a bad day of traffic can keep you in a taxi for nearly two hours. This can become extremely expensive.

The shuttle is a FIXED FEE and you will not pay more if there is traffic or other delays.

Please CLICK HERE to view shuttle van options.

LAST MINUTE DISCOUNTS: Do My Dates Apply For A Last Minute Discount?

The Cobblestone website is programmed to automatically calculate discounted prices for Last Minute Bookings.

A Last Minute Booking is any reservation made for dates within thirty days of the arrival date. Clearly speaking, if you make a booking today for an arrival within 30 days, your booking will be discounted.

NOTE: This applies to all reservations, except the holiday periods of Dec 20-Jan 5 . If you make a booking within 30 days of these dates, the normal price will apply.

GETTING KEYS: How Will I Get Keys for my Cobblestone Apartment?

This is a very good question to ask! Many Paris rental agencies will ask you to visit a rental office to pick up the keys for your apartment. This is not the best option for you because sometimes the office is not near the apartment. You may be required to visit different areas of Paris and if you are not familiar with the city, this can be challenging. Traffic can be heavy in Paris and if you ask your taxi driver to visit two locations, this might be very expensive for you.

Cobblestone has thought of everything to make your arrival as easy as possible. You will be given directions to your apartment and there you will meet your personal Cobblestone Greeter. English-Speaking and trained by Cobblestone in the highest standards of customer service, your greeter will give you keys and provide you with a friendly welcome to Paris.

If you are scheduled for an arrival after 9pm, the key will be made available to you in the lobby of the building or at a very nearby location.

PERSONAL GREETING: Who Will Meet Me When I Arrive in Paris?

The Personal Cobblestone Greeter assigned to your apartment will contact you within 30 days of your arrival to confirm your arrival time and give you their contact details. Please advise the Personal Greeter of your estimated arrival time and contact her by phone if you encounter a difficulty and believe that you will arrive later than planned. Once you meet the Cobblestone greeter, they will show you the apartment features/appliances, explain rental policies, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you wish. The Personal Greeter is available if you have any questions about the apartment during your stay by email or phone.

EARLY ARRIVAL: My Plane Lands Very Early, but Check In is not until after 2 pm, what can I do with my bags?

Our check in time is after 14:00 (2:00 pm), to assist you, we can offer the option of Early Luggage Drop-Off upon request.

In most cases, another guest will be leaving the apartment on the same day that you arrive and it will not be possible to have the apartment ready early.

However, you may ask to come to the apartment before the official check-in time and leave your bags only. If this is possible, you will be invited to drop your bags at the apartment, meet the greeter, collect the keys, and return after check in time. We ask that you do not arrive before 10:30 am.

After you have dropped off your luggage, we kindly ask that YOU DO NOT REMAIN IN THE APARTMENT WHILE IT IS BEING CLEANED. Please allow the greeter space and time to complete the preparation of the apartment. The Greeter will not continue to prepare the apartment until you have left. Please stay only a few minutes and do not delay the cleaner from preparing the apartment for you.

LATE FOR ARRIVAL: What Do I Do if I Am Late For My Check-In?

If your arrival will be delayed, please notify the Greeter as soon as possible by phone. If possible, also send an email. Remember to bring the Greeter's contact information while you are traveling. Call, text message, or email the greeter to let them know you will be late. If there is no answer, leave a clear message with your name and apartment and state the time that you will arrive. The Greeter will wait up to 1 hour30 min after your original scheduled time at no extra charge.

If you are not able to contact the Greeter, or the Greeter is unable to wait for you, the keys will be left for you. Refer to your rental agreement to find the location where the keys will be left.

RENTER RULES: What Rules Must I Follow To Avoid Extra Charges?

It is each renter's obligation to respect the apartment. Our apartments are the private property of individuals who care very deeply for their apartments and wish for the guest to treat it kindly. Once you check-in, you should consider yourself a guest and act responsibly to avoid damage to walls, sheets, couches, appliances, towels, etc. You may be charged if you do not maintain the apartment in good order and appearance, with full respect to the property and belongings of the owner. If any damages occur, you will be charged according to the cost of repair or replacement.


CALLING: Where Can I Call From My Cobblestone Apartment?

Cobblestone Apartments offer Free Long Distance Calling to Land Lines. In summary, the phone plan covers long-distance calls to LAND LINES (Fixed Lines) in the US/Canada/Australia/UK/Spain/France/Italy/Germany and over 70 Countries.

Canadian/U.S mobile phones ARE Free, however ALL OTHER mobile phones are not.

Countries Included in the FREE CALLING Plan:

You will be responsible for EXTRA charges to the phone and will be charged a minimum of 5 EURO for any call not covered by the plan.

French Cell phones usually start with 06 and will be an extra .29 per minute. UK and Australian cell phones are an extra .19 per minute.

INTERNET: Does My Cobblestone Apartment Have Internet Access?

Cobblestone Paris Rental Apartments provide Free WIFI internet access and the cost is included in your rental.

You must have your own notebook, laptop, or Smart-Phone that can get a WIFI signal. We can not offer technical support to help you to connect to WIFI, it is advised you learn how to do this before your trip.

WIFI Passwords will be provided in your contract or at the time of arrival.

Important: You will need to bring a Converter and an Adapter, as they are both needed to convert electronics to the European system of 220. We do not provide these.

Important: Cobblestone is not responsible for any electrical damage to your equipment.

CONTACT: Who Do I Call for Help During My Stay?

You will receive the contact information for your Personal Greeter within 30 days of your arrival. The Greeter is available if you have any trouble during your stay by email or phone.

The services of the greeter are free of charge if your question pertains to the apartment, function of appliances, check out procedures, cleaning procedures, etc.

If you require assistance with anything else such as: tourist information, medical issues, loss of passport, etc. there may be a charge of 15 EURO / Hour for this service.

EQUIPMENT & UTILITIES: What Happens If Something Stops Working?

All appliances/equipment included in the rental are subject to breakdown and wear and tear. If any appliance or equipment malfunctions during your stay, management will try to arrange the repair promptly however it is not guaranteed to be repaired during your stay.

Many apartments are located in communally owned buildings and these repairs must be organized through the management of the building. These parties may be difficult to contact on evenings, weekends, and holidays. In these cases, Cobblestone can not initiate the repair.

If hot water, electricity, or any other essential services fail during your stay, repairs will be attempted as quickly as possible. If the repair is not successful, you will be given the options to move to a hotel. Cobblestone will assist you in finding a reputable alternative, and refund each night you are not able to stay in the apartment. When the repair is made, you will be invited to return to the apartment. If you wish to remain in the hotel, you will be responsible for accommodation costs.

Note: Only Essential Utilities will justify movement to a hotel. For Example: Water, Electricity, and Heating. The Failure of elevators, internet, telephone, television, or kitchen appliances, will not result in re-accommodation.

ACCIDENTS: What Protection do I Need in Case of Loss, Theft or Injury?

The responsibility of the manager and/or owner of the apartment cannot be implied in any case such as: cancellation, accident, loss, robbery or other. To protect yourself, it is advised that you acquire your own travel insurance policy and seek compensation from your insurance provider in the case of cancellation, break in and theft, or any other potential source of loss or injury.

LOST KEYS: What Will Happen if I Lose My Apartment Key?

Each guest will be given a number of keys appropriate to the size of the apartment. It is your responsibility to prevent their loss or theft and to return them upon departure.

In the event of locking yourself out, 25 Euros will be charged between 10am-6pm. 50 Euros will be charged at all other hours.

It is not guaranteed that the greeter will be able to come let you in the same day you request. If this occurs, Cobblestone can not be responsible for re-accommodation.

Never leave a key in the back of the lock when leaving the apartment. This will permanently lock the door and prevent entry from the outside. To gain entry, the lock will need to be destroyed by a locksmith. You will be charged the full cost of changing the lock and making new keys. Please be aware, this may cost more than 1,000 EURO. Locks and Locksmiths are Very expensive in Paris, this is the true cost of the lock change and not a penalty.

If it is not possible to make the repair on the same day, you will be responsible the cost of re-accommodation until the repair can be scheduled.

100 Euros will be charged for each set of keys not returned upon departure. If you depart with keys, you will be given the option to mail them by UPS or FEDEX. Normal mail will not be accepted, as keys must be replaced within 4 days hours of your departure. If the keys arrive within 4 days, you will not be charged the 100 Euro replacement fee.

OWNER CANCELLATIONS: Can My Reservation Be Cancelled?

In case of fire or plumbing accident, lack of basic utilities, or any other cause which may render the apartment uninhabitable: Manager or Owner may terminate the renter's reservation entirely or in part. Renter will be informed at the earliest possible time and owner will make the best possible effort to see that Renter is directed to other similar accommodation. Owner will refund any amounts paid, but at no time and under no circumstances will Manager or Owner be responsible for any cost of re-accommodation at any apartment or hotel.

REFUND POLICY: Does Cobblestone offer refunds?

Cobblestone Vacations can not offer refunds once you have checked in.

NOISE: Management is unable to control any factor outside the apartment. This includes but is not limited to: loud neighbors, schools and children, traffic and street noises, construction etc. Please be aware you are renting an apartment in the heart of a vibrant city, and there is no way to control any outside factors.

APARTMENTS: Cobblestone has attempted to accurately portray and describe each apartment. Before booking, the guest is encouraged to research Cobblestone Paris on the internet and to read online reviews about Cobblestone Apartments and services. No Refund will be made if the guest is not satisfied with any element of our apartments or services.

CHECK–OUT TIME: When do I Need to Leave the Apartment?

Departure time is By 10:00 am in the morning. If you would like to stay longer, please email your request at least 48 Hours in advance. This request will be considered but may not be possible due to staff scheduling or arrival plans for the next guest.

Be Advised: Late check outs are never guaranteed.

In most cases another guest will be arriving shortly after you, so please schedule your departure before 10:00 am. We kindly ask that you respect our check out time.

KEYS: What do I do With the Keys When I Check-Out?

Please consult your rental contract for check out procedures and where to leave the keys. In most cases, you will leave the keys inside the apartment when you leave and the door will lock when you close the door. Never leave the keys in the BACK of the door lock, this will permanently lock the door and you will be responsible for the cost of replacement.

LUGGAGE STORAGE: My Plane Departs Later, Where Can I Store My Bags?

CHECK-OUT IS BY 10am: In most cases, there will be a new guest arriving on the day of your departure. For this reason, it is very important that the cleaning begin at 10am. We do not want to slow the arrival of the next guest, and we ask for your cooperation. If you want to request a late departure, please contact your greeter at least 2 days in advance. If scheduling allows, your greeter will tell you how long you can stay. We apologize in advance if this is not possible.


OPTION 1: Storage facility at Gare Du Nord train station. Gare du Nord is convenient as the RER B train leaves here for the airport or you can catch a taxi easily for the airport. The highly-secure luggage facility is downstairs near the Car Rental Offices where the Long Distance trains arrive/depart. Look for signs for “GRANDES LIGNES”, “Car Rental” or “TAXI”, as it is near this area in the Main Station. No Pre-Booking Needed.

OPTION 2: Pre-Book your Locker Online and use a "City Locker"Facility. Visit the website, select ENGLISH in the top left corner of the site, select the closest facility, select the number of lockers needed, pay the fee (paypal or credit card), you will receive a code. The code will allow you to access the locker when you arrive. Several Locations are currently available at the time of printing, please check website for additional locations.

City Locker GARE DU NORD: 175 Blvd Magenta, 75010

City Locker MARAIS: 82 Rue Des Gravilliers, 75003

City Locker SAINT GERMAIN: 6 Rue des Bernardins. 75005

YOU MUST PRE-BOOK for “CITY LOCKER”, no walk-ins: Use THIS WEBSITE Be sure to change the language to ENGLISH in the top Left Corner.

CLEANING POLICY: Do I Need to Clean the Apartment When I Check-Out?

The Guest must leave the apartment in good condition when checking out.

CLEANING FEES: What Can I Do To Avoid Extra Cleaning Fees?

In order to avoid extra cleaning fees, we ask that you do the following:

If additional cleaning beyond our normal requirement is necessary after your departure, there will be a minimum charge of 40 Euros to your credit card.